Current Activities

Current Activities

• Two-day teaching workshop for doctoral students and postdocs in the URBANgrad Graduate School and Institute of History (Department 2), January 30–31, 2017

• Two-day workshop “Teaching in English for Non-Native Speakers” on March 7 and 10, 2017 through the Hochschuldidaktische Arbeitsstelle (HDA), with a second workshop planned for September 2017

• Observation and evaluation of lecture and seminar courses in English, Institute of History, SoSe 2017 (Department 2)

• Observation, instruction for students in asking questions in English, and gathering student feedback; advice on English communication in TUCAN and MOODLE; advice on translation of terms on slides; and assistance with student-created glossary of German-English terms for the lecture course “Machine Elements and Mechatronics II,” SoSe 2017 (Department 16)

• “English for Sociologists” course for bachelor’s degree students, Institute of Sociology, SoSe 2017 (Department 2)

• “English for Physics” course for bachelor’s degree students, Department of Physics, SoSe 2017 (Department 5)

• “Research Proposal Writing” course for master’s degree students, SoSe 2017, Mundus Urbano

• English writing course for doctoral students in Institute for Material Flow Management and Resource Economy, SoSe 2017 (Department 13)