Statement of Purpose

English as the Language of Instruction Project

Statement of Purpose

Fluency in English is a key skill for individuals in an increasingly connected world. Many positions in academia, government, and business require fluency in English in addition to one’s native language and additional languages. The need to communicate in English as a global language—and the intercultural competencies that accompany linguistic communication—is critical for the professional success of native German students and international students alike. To that end, Technische Universität Darmstadt is increasing support to students, scientific staff, administrative staff, and faculty, to improve their English abilities. High-quality English teaching will offer the university’s students, faculty, and staff the best of both linguistic worlds: the opportunities to learn, read, and express themselves orally and in written form in two important world languages.

ELIP has two broad goals

• To improve the quality of English-language teaching and communication across the university through intensive workshops, weekly meetings and seminars, and language-oriented programs

• To improve the English-language learning of students in specific academic areas by offering courses to improve reading comprehension, writing, and speaking

The Central QSL-Mittel provides ELIP with financial support.