Was ist UNIcert®?

The UNIcert® system: What is this?

UNIcert® refers to a university-oriented language training system. The aim of the UNIcert® system is to ensure the equivalence of language education across universities. For this reason, a university is not permanently accredited for UNIcert®; instead, the accreditation is awarded for a period of three years only and must then be newly applied for and re-awarded. In this way a consistent quality of language education is continuously guaranteed.

The UNIcert® network allows students to seamlessly continue their foreign language education at another university if this university is also accredited in the desired language and level.

The UNIcert® system comprises 4 levels of competence, based on the Council of Europe Common Frame of Reference:

  • UNIcert® I – oriented towards B1
  • UNIcert® II – oriented towards B2
  • UNIcert® III – oriented towards C1
  • UNIcert® IV – oriented towards C2