Registration Procedure

Please be sure to read and follow this instruction thoroughly otherwise your registration/application for a course place may not be considered.

1. Before registering for a course, be sure to check that you have fulfilled all requirements for registration (please see Course Schedule in TUCaN). If you have previous knowledge a placement test is required in advance for most courses. Should you nevertheless participate in a beginners' course with previous knowledge, you may be removed from the course – possibly even a few weeks after the start of the course.

If you are uncertain, please contact the Language Resource Center/Sprachenzentrum (SPZ) office.

2. First, register directly in your TUCaN account by first choosing the desired Module in the Catalogue of all Modules of the Language Resource Center (Gesamtkatalog aller Module des Sprachenzentrums).

3. Second, register for the accompanying course. Be aware that many courses have parallel sections of a, b, etc., which you must choose from. Please note that you are NOT permitted to register for more than one parallel course, i.e. please register for course ‘a’ OR ‘b’, not both. In cases of parallel registration, your registration for all courses will be automatically cancelled.

4. After the registration deadline has passed, places in the course will be allotted by a lottery system. You will then be informed via TUCaN message whether your registration has been accepted or rejected. Please note that course places will be allotted on the course level, not on the module level.

5. If your registration is accepted, you must attend the first class. If you do not, your course place will be given to someone else.

6. If your registration has been rejected, this is either because you do not meet the prerequisites for the registered course or because the lottery system was started due to the overbooking of the course and unfortunately you did not get a place. In this case please cancel your module registration later in TUCaN in order to ensure that you are eligible to register for the same module in another semester. However, you should remain registered for the module/the course for approximately another two weeks in case another lottery is held in TUCaN for extra/spare places in the course.

7. Register for the exam before the respective deadline. At some point during the semester you will have the opportunity to switch from the regular module (with grade and credits) to the “participation only” module should you decide not to take the exam but to choose the certificate of attendance (with neither grade nor credits). Please keep in mind that you must also register for the exam of the “participation only” module in TUCaN. The respective deadlines can be found in TUCaN and will also be sent to you via TUCaN system message.