Tips for German learners

Leo Dictionary : German-English

Der Duden : the best-known German dictionary

Kaleidoscope : information about everyday German life

Computerterminologie : contains the most common computer terms in German

dradio : listen to information on the latest news!

Frauenhofer Institut : audios and videos about science and technology

German on the go : from A1 to B1 with your smartphone or tablet

Elementary German : a beginner course offered by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Learn German Online : this pages cover topics from grammar to audiobooks to interactive vocabulary trainers

Testpodium : Test your German at two levels

Darmstädter Echo : our city paper! great for theatre and movie times, concerts, and even the weather forecast

Hit Radio FFH : radio for Hesse

Bayern 3 : cool music from a radio station in Munich

Bayern 5 : news channel

Zungenbrecher : the hardest German tongue twisters – try it!