Autonomous Learning

Who is it for?

Everyone who cannot or does not want to take a language course can participate in autonomous learning. Learners should already have prior knowledge of the target language (no beginners) and also be prepared to take on the burden of organization and individual responsibility for their course.

How does Autonomous Learning work?

Besides taking part in an introductory session, there will be a minimum of three sessions with a tutor.

The introductory session takes place at the beginning of every semester. At this time, the procedures and requirements will be introduced, and in addition, learning methods and strategies will be discussed.

Learners will answer questions such as the following:

• ‘What language(s) have I already learned?’

• ‘What is my current skill level in the target language?’

• ‘What are my learning goals?’

• ‘How can I reach these goals?’

During the first consultation with your tutor, an individual learning program will be developed. From this point on, the learner will work on the program on their own and will document completed homework and exercises in a learning journal, which must be brought to every consultation.

Materials (please bring these to the introductory session):

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In order to successfully pass the course and receive 3 credit points, an overall workload of 60 hours (as documented in your logbook) are required, plus the passing of a final examination.

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