French courses are available from beginner to highly advanced levels.

The courses are divided into three levels:

Courses at UNIcert® level I

Basic courses are aimed at beginners or students with little previous knowledge. They systematically build on one another and lead to the acquisition of the UNIcert® I certificate in 10 semesters.

Taking part in the basic courses, you will learn to communicate in the most important situations, concerning you and your immediate living environment of everyday life, with simple linguistic means. In addition, you will get to know about the most important customs relating to social and family area and cultural characteristics. Towards the end of the basic level, the focus is primarily on topics that are of particular relevance to students and are designed to help them to survive in the university environment.

As you learn to deal with the language autonomously in a relatively short time, the progression in the basic courses is quite steep. The four skills listening, reading, speaking and writing are trained in all courses. In addition, the courses cover large part of the grammar and acquaint you with the basic vocabulary. Therefore, you should allow enough time for practicing and repeating.

Level completion is the UNIcert® I certificate.

Courses at UNIcert® level II

Courses at this level are aimed at students who have successfully completed level I or students with good basic knowledge (e.g. 4-5 years of French at school).

The courses at this level have a modular structure and various focuses, such as grammar and vocabulary, practicing the four skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing), cultural or university and career-oriented themes.

In addition to focusing on grammar, the courses aim at a familiarization with a wider range of regional, cultural, social or political aspects and content in order to allow students to successfully communicate in these areas, including in professional and student-relevant situations.

Level completion is the UNIcert® II certificate.

Courses at UNIcert® level III

Courses at this level are aimed at students who have successfully completed level II or students with very good knowledge (e.g. previous advanced courses, experience abroad). They are divided into general language and technical language streams.

Taking part in courses at this level will allow students to learn to express themselves in a confident and differentiated manner and to deal with complex topics from both general and technical fields in terms of language and content.

Intercultural issues, as well as study- and career-related forms of communication are major focus in these courses.

These courses prepare the student for the UNIcert® III certificate.

Training for the UNIcert® IV certificate

It is possible to acquire the UNIcert® IV certificate as part of an additional language course which consists of immersion in a technical language.