The language offer in Spanish consists of courses from beginner to very advanced level.

1. Courses at UNIcert® level I

Taking part in the basic courses, you will learn to communicate in the most important situations, concerning you and your immediate living environment of everyday life, with simple linguistic means.

In addition, you will get to know about the most important customs relating to social and family area and cultural characteristics. Towards the end of the basic level, the focus is primarily on topics that are of particular relevance to students and should help them to survive in the university environment.

As you learn to deal with the language autonomously in a relatively short time, the progression in the basic courses is quite steep. The four skills listening, reading, speaking and writing are trained in all courses. In addition, the courses cover large part of the grammar and acquaint you with the basic vocabulary. Therefore, you should allow enough time for practicing and repeating.

Level completion is the UNIcert® I certificate.

2. Courses at UNIcert® level II

The courses of this level are aimed at students who successfully completed level I or students with good basic knowledge (e.g. 4-5 years of Spanish at school).

First, the knowledge of vocabulary and grammar will be deepened or completed. You also learn to express yourself on a variety of topics (such as working conditions, art, politics, culture, society) and to understand texts or statements on these topics. The courses Avanzado I to III build on each other and train all skills. The supplementary courses “El espanol para los estudios y la profesión” and “El espanol en latinoamérica” mainly deal with cultural, study and career-related aspects.

Level completion is the UNIcert® II certificate.