Equivalence Test

The Language Resource Centere offers language tests for students who, according to their own study regulations, have to provide proof of their language skills at a certain level (e.g. UNIcert® II or B2). This test is NOT a UNIcert® certificate exam, but merely certifies the existence of language skills at the tested level.

If you have a corresponding UNIcert® certificate, this also serves as proof that you have language skills in this language and for this level. This makes an extra language test unnecessary.

Language tests are currently offered for students of Fachbereich 2 in English at UNIcert® II (B2) level.

There is one test date per semester. In the summer semester the tests take place in June, in the winter semester in November. The exact date in the current semester is:

Thursday, 20th June 2024 from 9:50 am to 11:20 am (digital).

Please register in TUCaN until one week before the test date. You will find the language test modules (41-97-xxxx) in your study programme under “Sprachnachweise”.


(level II)