The course programme is designed to lead to a specific level-based certificate within two semesters.

Those having previous knowledge of a specific language must take a mandatory placement test at the start of the semester. Based on this test, the proficiency level is ascertained to correctly place a student in a specific UNIcert® level course. This placement test is also used to see if the training scheme can be shortened at this level.

Language training following the UNIcert® system requires taking specialist language courses starting with UNIcert® III, which is quite unique.

At levels I – III, 10 contact hours (@ 45 minutes ea.) per week must be completed successfully resulting in certificates of academic achievement. At level IV, 8 contact hours per week are necessary.

It is then possible to take the UNIcert® examination and receive the certificate corresponding to this level.

This may sound a bit complicated, which is why we highly recommend contacting the respective language coordinator to learn more about UNIcert® certificates and how best to customise your specific training programme.