Access to the conference rooms

The conference will be hosted online and various conference management tools and platforms will be used. Below we briefly introduce the platforms and their functionality and tell you how to access them.


Shortly before the conference begins, you will receive a link to the platform OnlineDays via e-mail. After successful registration with your first and last name, you will find current information on the conference program, the plenary sessions, workshops, presentations in the nine working groups as well as links to the respective Zoom sessions in the individual tiles. You will find brief instructions on how to use the platform in the first tile and in the following video:

Recommended external content

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You will already be familiar with the conference management program ConfTool from conference registration. In addition to registration, you can view the event program under Conference Attendance – View Event Program. Here you will find information on the individual conference events as well as direct links to the respective Zoom sessions. You can create your personal agenda by adding events via the plus sign icon in the respective contribution field.

After paying the conference fee, you also can generate your certificate of attendance here.


For all presentations in the working groups, exhibitors' workshops, workshops outside the working groups and working meetings/ info events as well as the evening program, we will be using the Zoom video conferencing tool. You can find a short Zoom tutorial on Online Days. All Zoom rooms can be accessed approximately 20 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Our longer coffee breaks will take place in a separate Zoom room and will be moderated by our colleague Melanie Lipinski. As an alternative, you can remain longer in your Zoom working group room; however, this needs to be arranged individually within the working group.

Prior to using Zoom, we recommend downloading the application as well as testing audio and video settings in advance.

Zoom Webinar

All plenary events, including the initial welcoming, plenary talks, the panel discussion, the award ceremony as well as the closing event, will take place in a Zoom webinar. You can find the link in the corresponding tile on Online Days as well as in the event program in Conftool.

Virtual Expo

Information on current textbooks, innovative concepts, offered services and possible collaborations are available via the online exhibition platform VirtualExpo. Publishers such as Hueber, Cornelsen, Klett, Schubert, Pearson, Erich Schmidt, Buske and Oxford University Press, as well as the Goethe-Institut, LTS and g.a.s.t. provide you with media and links. Use the chat function for questions or make an appointment for a direct conversation with the contact persons from these publishers and institutions. Information on the opening hours of the exhibition can be found in the program.

Technical support

If you have any technical problems or questions about our tools before or during the conference, you can reach our technical team at the following times:

02 March 2022 from 12.00 noon to 7.30 pm
03 March 2022 from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm
04 March 2022 from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm

Your contact persons are:

Kate Friedrich (before and during the conference)
Languages: German, English

Finnian Ryan (before and during the conference)
Languages: English (native speaker), German

General Questions

For general questions about the conference, please contact the Organisation Team: