Workshop Hueber Verlag

Mediation in the Language Classroom

Thursday, 03.03.2022
2:15 pm to 3:15 pm

For many trainers working in English language teaching, mediation may well be a skill they have never really heard. At best they may be aware of it but don't necessarily understand it fully in order to integrate it into their teaching. In fact, many teachers have probably been doing mediation-type activities for many years, without even realising it. This session introduces the concept of mediation, shows how it is becoming more frequent in language coursebooks as a discrete skill, and suggests ways in which it can be incorporated into our teaching to the benefit of our learners. It will introduce the three main strands of mediation and will show its relevance to General English, EAP and ESP.

Workshop Leader:

Neil Harris
With a wealth of diverse ELT experience, Neil Harris is an active teacher trainer, and is the Chair of English UK Wales. Having spent many years as an EAP tutor at Swansea University, Neil is now part of the management team at CELT – a family owned boutique language school in Cardiff.