Workshop Pearson

Versant Professional English Test – giving your students a head start

Thursday, 03.03.2022
3.20 pm to 3.50 pm

Eleonore Pessina is Product Manager at English Assessment at Pearson. She meets with schools, universities and national governments, to help ensure that Pearson’s assessment solutions best meet the needs of learners and teachers. The Versant™ Professional English Test was developed by experts in psychometrics and linguistics and is our most comprehensive Versant language proficiency test. Taken on a computer and marked by Pearson’s patented Versant AI scoring technology.

The test is:

  • accurate – AI scoring removes bias and the inconsistency sometimes experienced in human scoring. With 0.97 correlation (1.00 is perfect) you can have confidence that scores are consistent.
  • reliable – Versant scores are backed by over 25 years of research in speech processing, statistical modelling, linguistics, latent semantic analysis, and testing theory.
  • fast – auto-marked by Pearson’s powerful technology, the test provides fast, consistent results. A detailed score report is available minutes after the test is completed.

Join Eleonore Pessina from Pearson English Assessment to explore how the Versant Professional English Test was developed, how it works and its application as an end of course certification for your Business English classes.

Workshop Leader:

Eleonore Pessina