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Welcome to the Language Resource Center at the TU Darmstadt

The Language Resource Center is a centralized institution of the TU Darmstadt. We offer language courses and other services for all students and staff of the TU Darmstadt. Our main objective is to provide opportunities for the learning of foreign languages. These courses are often integrated into the obligatory or elective requirements of various faculties and departments. However, all of our courses can form part of a student’s program independently of their core degree program. Students make also work towards a language proficiency certificate (e.g. UNIcert) as a prerequisite for study abroad programs at partner universities or for internship applications.

We regret that is it not possible for you to attend our language courses if you neither a student nor a staff member of TU Darmstadt.

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  • 2019/02/20

    Prioritized Registration

    In certain cases you may register in advance for courses in the Summer Semester 2019.

    Advance registration is possible if

    - you participated successfully (with at least a certificate of attendance) in a course of the same language in the Winter Semester 2018/2019 and

    - you want to register for a continuing course or a course with the same requirements


    - a specific course is mandatory for you (e. g. Latin for history students)

    Please register in TUCaN for the module and the corresponding course and contact us at the students' office of the Language Resource Center before Monday, 15th April, 6 pm.

    Please indicate your matriculation number and the specific course you have registered for.

  • 2019/02/01

    You can have a look at your exam on the following dates:

    See German version.


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