Registration and Attendance Regulations for Courses

I. Course Registration

  1. Registration is mandatory for all Language Resource Center (SPZ) courses. Students must register, i.e. apply for a course place in their TUCaN account. You will find the Gesamtkatalog aller Module des Sprachenzentrums (Catalogue of all Language Resource Center modules) listed in your degree programme. Please register for the desired module and then for the accompanying course. Be aware that many courses have parallel sections of a, b, etc., which you must choose one of.In cases of parallel registration, your registration for all courses will be automatically cancelled.
  2. Course places will be allotted on the course level according to a lottery system and you will be informed via TUCaN message whether your registration has been accepted or rejected.
  3. All courses in the UNIcert© system as well as the Turkish courses require a placement test (with the exception of absolute beginner courses). Registration for these courses may follow only after having completed the placement test. Registration requirements are as follows:
    • A student has obtained the required score on the placement test. You may then register for the level of course indicated. For example, a student with a placement test score eligible for UNIcert II courses may only register for courses at this level and not for a higher or lower UNIcert level. Exceptions may only be made by the respective language coordinators.
    • A student has already obtained the required score on a placement test that is still valid. Test scores are only valid for the semester the test has been written in plus the following semester. For example, if a student wrote a placement test in the previous semester, but has not yet attended a course, then the test score is still valid for the current semester. However, if a student wrote a placement test two or more semesters ago and has not yet attended a course, then the test score is no longer valid and the student must re-write the placement test.
    • A student has already attended a course and passed with either a participation certificate or has written and passed the final exam.
    • If you have previous knowledge of the language but register and try to participate in a beginner’s course or if your level is considerably highter than the course level, you will most probably be removed from the course – possibly even a few weeks after the course starts.

II. Course Attendance

  1. Students who are accepted in a course but who do not attend the first class or who come late without an acceptable excuse will lose their place in the course. Students must inform the Sprachenzentrum office or the instructor beforehand if they will be unable to attend the first class.
  2. Students who miss class more than the allowable two times per semester (in double courses more than four times) may lose their right to participate in the course final exam because of insufficient participation.
  3. The exam registration deadline in TUCaN must be adhered to. If a student does not register in time in TUCaN for the examination, s/he will not be allowed to take the final exam in the course.

Date: September 2022