Language Test (DAAD Test)

Language certificates (certificates of language skills) are required when applying for semesters abroad, internships, DAAD scholarships, etc. The Language Resource Centre conducts these language tests in many languages. Depending on the language and level, the test consists of tasks on listening comprehension, reading comprehension, oral and written expression and linguistic structures. Please note that the DAAD test is not suitable for entrance to TU Darmstadt Master's degree programs. You will have to take the TOEIC® or the TOEFL itp® instead.

English Language Test Dates and Times:

(all other languages upon request)

see German version


TU Darmstadt students and employees: € 30.00

External candidates: € 70.00

Please note that a refund is not possible if the cancellation is made less than two weeks before the test date.


Please register using this form.

Please enquire before registering whether the DAAD test is the right one for your purposes. If you withdraw your registration, there will be no refund of the test fee.


The DAAD tests are conducted digitally. When registering by email, please state your matriculation number and your preferred date (see above). Payment of the test fee is made by bank transfer.

Please note:

Please send the required form to the examiner upon request. Should you require the language test for a DAAD scholarship please use the DAAD form (opens in new tab) . For other purposes please use this form (opens in new tab) .

Preparing for the English DAAD Test

The English DAAD test consists of two parts. The first task tests your reading comprehension and writing skills. Your task is to read an article from a newspaper and then to write a summary of it in your own words. Typical article topics include the environment, the developing world, public health, general science and other current issues or developments in society. You have 30 minutes in total to read your article and write the summary. There is no minimum number of words required. The second part tests your oral and listening skills. You will verbally summarize the same text to the instructor and other participants without notes. The instructor will ask two to three questions to clarify content and/or check comprehension of the text.

The best way to prepare for the English DAAD test is to immerse yourself as much as you can in written and spoken English. To practice reading and writing skills, go to any good on-line newspaper site (e.g. NY Times, The Guardian, BBC News), pick an article to read (e.g. one per day over a week) and then write a 10-line summary of it, using your own words. To practice listening and speaking skills, find some podcasts on the above news sites or to for longer talks. As you listen, take notes and then practice summarizing it orally to a friend, who can then ask you questions about the content.

When can I pick up my DAAD test results?

DAAD test results may usually be picked up on the next day as the test during the opening hours of the Office of Student Affairs.