Examples for placement tests

Our placement tests are fill-in-the-gap texts and use the so-called “Cloze test” or C-test method. This means that the second half of every second word is missing and needs to be completed. 50% of the word will be missing, or slightly more if the number of letters needed is not an even number, e.g. Dauer = Da___. Each test consists of four texts with 25 gaps each. The test result reflects the percentage of correct answers.

Here a rather difficult C-level test example for French

Locations à la carte

Avec la FNAIM, 1ère organisation immobilière en Europe, la location de vacances devient une valeur sûre. 6700 adhérents exercent leur activité professionnelle dans les domaines de la vente, de la gestion, l’expertise, la location de vacances. Les agences s’engagent à faciliter l’organisation de vos vacances en répondant dans les 48 heures à toute demande de réservation, à assurer un accueil convivial et personnalisé et à mériter votre confiance en étant à l’écoute de vos désirs, remarques et suggestions. Pour toute information complémentaire, vous pouvez consulter la Chambre syndicale FNAIM ou directement le professionnel de votre choix.

Here a fairly simple C-level test example for English

Women are poorer than men and face social and cultural discrimination on the grounds of sex. This affects every aspect of their life, particularly in developing countries.

Today there is a growing awareness of women's absolute and relative poverty and inequality all over the world. In spite of the significant efforts of many national governments and at international levels, the situation of women has worsened. The feminisation of poverty has accelerated in the last decade and further increased women's dependence and vulnerability. Women are not a homogeneous group and their lives vary depending on the place in which they live as well as their age, social class, ethnic origin, and religion.