Examination Board

In case of queries or complaints about the types of examination, please contact the respective language coordinator or alternatively the executive director of the Language Resource Centre – SPZ, .

Of course, you can also contact the Complaint and Improvement Management at TU Darmstadt.

Examination Board of the Language Resource Centre

Chairperson: Dr. Christoph Merkelbach
Vice chairperson: Prof. Dr. Britta Hufeisen
Board members: Sandra Sulzer M.A.
(Coordinator for German as a foreign language, UNIcert®)
Dr. Martha Gibson
(Coordinator for English)
Dr. rer. medic. Xuanhe Lu
(Coordinator for East Asian languages)
Dr. Cornelia Personne
(Coordinator for Romance languages, French)
Karin Pertoft M.A.
(Coordinator for other languages, Scandinavian languages)