The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC®) is an English test that has been designed especially for students, graduates, job applicants and professionals who are non-native English speakers and who (would like to) work in international business. The standardized test provides significant results (A1-C1 in accordance with the Common European Frame of Reference, CEFR) and enables test takers from all professional fields to assess their knowledge of English at various levels. No specialized know-how or vocabulary is needed, only the English skills that are necessary for coping in real-life work situations. The reliable and accurate scores show how well the candidates are able to use their English in everyday communication at the workplace.

Thousands of companies and institutions around the world have implemented the TOEIC® in recent years, and at present there are approximately 7 million test takers each year.

TOEIC® Listening & Reading

The TOEIC® Listening & Reading is a non-incremental placement test (no pass-or-fail system) for the assessment of Business English listening and reading skills. It is a paper and pencil test with a duration of 120 min. (Listening: 100 multiple choice questions in 45 min., Reading: 100 multiple choice questions in 75 min.).