UNIcert® Examination

Registering for an examination

For all languages: Please use this registration form (opens in new tab) and, in addition, register for the UNIcert® module in TUCaN, too. You will find these modules in the UNIcert® Certificates section of the respective language in the Full Catalogue of Modules of the Language Resource Centre (SPZ). You can register for the UNIcert examination in the winter semester between 15th and 31st January and in the summer semester between 15th and 30st June.

Please get to know the requirements for admission to an examination in time.

Withdrawal from examination

You can withdraw your registration for examination any time up until one day prior to the respective examination at the latest. You must do so in writing by using this form (opens in new tab) . Any withdrawal submitted past the start of examination will not be considered.

Obtaining a UNIcert® certificate through cumulative assessment

After successfully completing the number of courses required on a specific UNIcert® level, you have the option to obtain the UNIcert® certificate by cumulating their final grades. This is possible at the UNIcert® levels Basis, I and II. If interested, please contact the Office for Student Affairs for more information.

Please submit the cumulative assessment request (opens in new tab) and also register in TUCaN for the (cumulated) UNIcert® module. You will find this module in the respective language section of the Full Catalogue of Modules of the Language Resource Centre (SPZ).

Important: Should you decide to cumulate the UNIcert® level Basis, you will not be able to cumulate for UNIcert® as well. In this case, you can only obtain the certificate at this UNIcert® level by examination.

Should you decide to cumulate, please note the following:
You cannot use the same courses for cumulative assessment twice, i.e., once when cumulating on one Unicert®️ level and second to cumulate on another higher Unicert®️ level. For instance, if you cumulated courses for UNIcert®️ Basis, you can now obtain a UNIcert®️ I certificate only by examination but no longer by cumulative assessment.