Working Group Lead
WG 8 - Autonomous learning and language learning assistance and coaching

Enke Spänkuch M.A.

At the University Language Centre (ZFA) of Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), I am responsible for the development and implementation of opportunities for autonomous learning, language learning advisory services and for lecturers for Russian. I enjoy spending every minute of my free time in the great outdoors – in my garden, in the forest, on mountain tops.

My languages: German, Russian, English and I regularly try my hand with the Romance languages

I am interested in: Research regarding the teaching and learning of foreign languages, assisting and coaching (not only those learning foreign languages), individual differences when learning a language.

Dr. Cornelia Personne

I am a lecturer for French and the coordinator for Romance languages at the Language Resource Centre (SPZ) of TU Darmstadt.

In my free time, I practice and teach Yoga. I also enjoy hiking and gardening.

My languages: French, German, English, Italian, (Latin, Sanskrit)

I am interested in: Questions about didactics / methodology, open forms of learning, tandem projects, literature in foreign language courses.

Adelaide Coelho Barreto Heil M.A.

I teach Portuguese and am the coordinator for Spanish and Portuguese at the Language Resource Centre (SPZ) of TU Darmstadt.

Travelling is a great passion of mine, particularly to countries where Spanish or Portuguese is spoken.

My languages: Portuguese, Spanish and German

I am interested in: Romance languages, their origins and interconnection, in addition to the EuroComRom method.