Workshop Lead

Robin Breit, M.A.

Since 2018, I have been a research associate (WiMi) at the IKM with SLZ of the University of Bonn working in the area of “Guided autonomous learning of foreign languages”. For many years, I have, in addition, been teaching German as a foreign language at various universities and other institutions of higher education and now instruct teachers on the subject of multilingual didactics in DaF/DaZ courses to further their professional development. I have had the opportunity to teach DaF in several countries, too, such as Germany, Greece, Japan, the Netherlands, Romania and the USA. Currently, I am working on my doctoral thesis on “EuroComGerm für Lernende mit Englisch als L1” (EuroComGerm for learners with English as their first language”. I am very interested in using intercomprehension as a means of teaching another language.

My Languages: German, English, Japanese, Romanian and additional Germanic and Romance languages on a receptive level and a little bit of Chinese

Dr. Eva-Maria Hennig-Klein

Since 2020, I have been a research associate at the IKM with SLZ of the University of Bonn. I am responsible for the research group “Intercultural and pluricultural communication” and am teaching French and Dutch. Before that, I spent several years in the Netherlands working as a DaF lecturer in adult education etc. Between 2009 and 2015, I was a research associate at “Didactics of the French and Spanish language and culture” at the University of Siegen, where I coordinated an international research network focussing on individual multilingualism in the context of foreign language education ( in addition to teaching. I am interested in how foreign language learners can actively benefit from their existing (multi)lingual and cultural experiences while acquiring other languages. Currently, I and several other research partners are working on the research project “Virtual Multilingual Learning Encounters in the Language Classroom” developing and researching a multilingual, digital learning environment within the context of foreign language teacher education.

My Languages: German, French, Dutch, English and basic skills in Spanish