Pre-Conference Workshop

“Mehrsprachigkeit als Normalität: Ansätze und Materialien für die Einbindung mehrsprachigkeitsdidaktischer Aufgaben in den DaF-Unterricht”

“Multilingualism as the norm: methods and materials for integrating tasks and exercises based on multilingual didactics in teaching German as a foreign language”

Pre-Conference Workshop held in German

Held by: Robin Breit M.A., Dr. Eva-Maria Hennig-Klein (University of Bonn)

General information

Date and time: Wednesday, 02 March 2022, 9 am to 1 pm

This workshop will be held online using Zoom. Confirmed participants must log into OnlineDays prior to the conference to receive the required access information by email shortly before the beginning of the workshop.

Group of participants and registration

Workshop registration is no longer possible. Applicants will be notified soon whether they have been accepted.

Participation is sponsored by the DAAD with funds from the German Foreign Office.

Content of the workshop

For a long time, multilingualism has been practised normality in DaF courses worldwide, though many times without active planning. Multilingualism refers both to the language learners, who most often have already acquired English as well as different first languages, and to multilingualism within the German-speaking world. However, how can this awareness of multilingualism and its uses be promoted sensibly in the classroom?

This workshop will address various methods of multilingual didactics that are currently empirically investigated and discussed in research. The workshop aims to provide insights into the underlying principles of teaching DaF from a multilingual perspective and the possible teaching scenarios involved. Specific teaching materials and their application will be introduced and discussed. Colleagues from around the world will look at and discuss where and how they can be used and their limitations.

The workshop will focus and reflect on how best to incorporate the principles of multilingual didactics in specific classroom situations and how to develop and improve these materials:

  • Why should and how can I promote awareness of existing multilingualism in the classroom?
  • Which scenarios and materials already exist that I can incorporate in the classroom?
  • How can I add multilingual aspects to my own materials or develop new materials for my specific teaching context?

Workshop programme for 02 March 2022:

9 am Opening and welcome address (Dr. Anikó Brandt, member of the executive board of the “Arbeitskreis der Sprachenzentren an Hochschulen e.V.” and CEO of the Language Center of the Universität Hamburg)
9.10 am Introduction: The participants introduce themselves
9.15 am–1 pm Workshop incl. short breaks as necessary
Following the workshop, participants will move on to the 32nd AKS Conference (online).