Languages Offered

We currently offer 22 foreign and heritage languages.

If you are interested in other languages, please let us know using this form or talk to us directly at the Office for Students Affairs (SPZ Studienbüro). We will see if and how we can accommodate your wishes in our future course planning. You also have the option of letting the student’s council know of your wishes.

Language courses mainly impart general language skills. Specialised (i.e., technical/scientific/business) language courses are also offered in German, English and French as well as Polish, Russian and Turkish as Heritage Languages.

Courses currently being offered can be found in the TU Darmstadt course catalogue TUCaN.

Please note that only students and employees of the TU Darmstadt are permitted to take part in language courses. A TU-ID is necessary for registration.

Additional heritage language courses are also available in: